Help & Support

The following covers most of the questions people send us. If the issue you have isn't covered, contact us at the email at the bottom of the page. We'll try and respond as quickly as possible.

What does the service provide?
RaithTV Live provides live video streaming of home league games (and selected away matches) along with audio commentaries and interactive chat with other members of the service. We offer subscriptions, giving you access to full match replays, audio commentaries and access to our Video Lounge.

What do I need to Get Started?
You can read this guide to help you get set up and check things are working.

Who runs the service?
The service is run by volunteers on behalf of the club. Our main commentators are Davie and Niall, Neil does all the technical stuff. Ian does the live video editing (as well as editing the highlights package together) along with Jim and Jackie on the camera.

Do I have to be outside the UK to use it?
The video is normally only available outside the UK and Ireland, but we are licenced to provide the audio service everywhere - including the UK and Ireland.

Can I show the matches in my pub/venue?
No. Our licence agreement with the SPFL only covers private domestic use for viewing.

Do you cover all matches?
Barring any technical issues, we cover all home league matches and offer audio for as many away matches as we can. We often don't know if we can broadcast from different stadiums until we get there - so can't guarantee those fixtures.

Is this for Raith fans only?
While it is a service run by Raith Rovers, fans of other teams are welcomed to join in. This is particularly useful for fans that have to travel some distance. We ask you to tell us your team when you register - so the commentators will adjust their commentaries if there are quite a few subscribers from the visiting team.

Is this service official?
Yes. This is an official service run on behalf of the Raith Rovers FC, licensed by the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).

Can I rebroadcast the games?
No. Due to our rights agreement, we have to keep strict access to RaithTV subscribers through our own website. The SPFL monitor online services, and anyone found to be restreaming the game may be pursued for lost revenue.

How do I pay?
Once you create an account, you'll be given the choice of buying access for a single match, or access until the end of the season. You can pay securely through PayPal, using most major credit or debit cards. You can pay through PayPal without creating an account with them. We also use Stripe for some services.

How do I register?
Use this page.

How do I sign in once I've registered?
Click on the link on the right of the homepage, then enter the e-mail and password you registered with on the homepage.

What if I forget my password?
Click the "Forgot Your Password" link below the login form.

I paid, so why is it not letting me past the Passes page?
In most cases, this is because you didn't click the link at the end of the PayPal transaction to return to the Raith website (or it otherwise failed) so our website doesn't know you've paid. Don't panic! Just forward your receipt along with the username and/or email you signed up with, and we can activate it manually. Just remember if you do this just before kick-off, we're pretty busy... so give us a few minutes! Please avoid paying twice.

Does it work on iPhones/iPads?
The video and audio streaming uses HTML5, which almost all desktop, laptops and mobiles should support now.

How can I watch it on my TV?
It depends what technology you have. The most reliable way is to log in on a laptop and connect to your TV with an HDMI cable. On some devices, the chromecast icon may appear allowing to send it directly to your TV. You can also log in on your desktop or laptop using the Google Chrome web browser, then choose "Cast..." in the settings drop down (three vertical dots at the top right of the browser). Smart TV Apps and Game Consoles can struggle.

I'm logged in, so why can't I see anything?
There are a number of reasons you may not see the video. Firstly, we don't cover all games with video - it may be audio only. Some of our passes only provide audio, so check that your pass offers video in your location. Check on the homepage for coverage. If you are seeing the "video" tab on the player page, but the video is just a big black box, try refreshing the webpage. Also, remember that we don't start the stream till about 40 minutes before kick-off.

Do you offer refunds?
Cases will be dealt with individually. If there are genuine technical problems that prevent you viewing the stream after you have paid, and you contact us during the game to try and resolve them, we are usually able to offer a refund. Please get in touch via email (address below) with your username (if known), the date you paid and the email address you used for the PayPal transaction. Please do not use PayPal's dispute system in the first instance, as this can actually slow down things. Allow us up to 5 working days to respond.

If you have any issues not covered here, please send us an email at the following address. Remember that, on matchdays, we may not be able to respond immediately as we are a small team and may be busy dealing with the live broadcast, but we'll try to get to you quickly.