Getting Started

We usually start our stream about 45 minutes before kick-off. Our live coverage will start with about 10 minutes to go. We recommend logging in early to make sure you're set up before the game begins.

What you'll need...

To watch the service, for the best results, we recommend using a fairly new PC, laptop, tablet or phone running Google Chrome. Other devices and browsers may work, but we know that things like SmartTV Apps and Game Consoles can struggle.

To watch on a TV, your best bet is to use a laptop or mobile device, then connect directly to your TV using an HDMI cable.

Sample Player

The video below uses the same player as we use for the live stream. You can use this to test different devices before the game and familiarise yourself with the controls.


You can use our chatboard throughout the game to talk with other fans, to ask for technical help, and to interact with the commentators. The discussion is mostly good natured, but we occassionally have to restrict access to those posting abusive or foul language. Our service is used by younger fans too, so please set a good example for them.

Common Issues

Is it just me? - We rarely have issues affecting all users, but check the chatboard first to see if there is a common problem or if it may just be an issue with your own setup.

Sound - When you first use the service, your browser will automatically mute the video. To unmute, either hover over or tap on the video and the controls should appear.

No Video - If you're only seeing "Audio" and "Audio (Alternative)" tabs above the chatboard, it is either because you only paid for an audio pass, or we are not providing video coverage of this game. If you can see a "Video" tab but no video player, try refreshing the page or logging in with a different web browser.

Stuttering - This can be caused by a lot of issues, from the quality of your WiFi, to your device or web browser. Try clicking on the settings on the video player (a cog icon, next to volume controls) and changing the quality. Try refreshing the page, or try using a different web browser.

Getting Help

Like most clubs, we have a small team running the service. We'll do our best to help as quickly as possible, but we'll be particularly busy in the hour before the game, and during the first half. We have a chatboard, and you'll find other fans will help you out if you post an issue there. You can also click the red "Help" button at the top of the page for more suggestions.