Terms and Conditions

This site is owned and operated by Raith Rovers Football Club Ltd (“The Club”).
Services are subject to these terms and conditions (including the club privacy policy).

1. General

Services are for private and personal purposes only.
You may not resell access to the site.
You may not provide your login credentials to any other individual.
You may not restream, rebroadcast, record or otherwise make our services available to non-users.
You may only access the service from one device at a time. To change device, please log out from the device you are currently logged in to.
The service provides content only. It is up to you to ensure you have the relevant hardware, software and internet service to utilise the services.
Geographic restrictions may prevent us streaming to the location you are currently in. You must not attempt to get around these restrictions using, for example, VPN services.
We recommend fairly new laptops, PCs, tablets and phones not older than 4 years old, and using a internet connection of at least 5Mpbs. Other devices (such as smart TVs and games consoles) may struggle. Other technical restrictions may apply. Match footage is copyright Scottish Professional Football League.

2. Payments & Refunds

Payment should be made in advance of accessing services.
Payments for our services are processed by PayPal and Stripe.
Recurring subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, but pro-rata refunds cannot be offered for the unused remainder of the term (e.g. up to one month for monthly subscriptions, or one year for annual subscriptions).
Refunds for subscription services cannot be given for previous months, even if the service was not accessed during that period.
If you have an issue with your payment, please contact us in the first instance so that we can try and resolve the situation.
If you have technical issues during a live game, you are expected to make reasonable efforts to resolve the situation such as reading the support pages on the site and attempting recommended solutions. If this does not resolve the situation, please email us at our support email.
If you do not contact our support email during the game, fail to respond to emails or otherwise not make reasonable efforts to let us help you resolve the situation, no refund can be offered.

3. PPV Conditions

Pay-Per-View Passes (PPV) are passes to watch a single game.
Passes last 48 hours after activation.

Liability and Disclaimers

The Club, its staff or authorised agents, will not be held responsible for any damage, loss, injury where: Use of the service is in breach of these terms and conditions

  1. Is outside the Club’s reasonable control
  2. Is due to incompatible hardware or software
  3. Is caused by viruses or other malicious software on users’ devices
  4. Is caused by something that could not reasonably have been foreseen (i.e. it was obvious that an event would happen in advance)
  5. Involves any business activity (e.g. loss of profits, opportunity, interruption to business)

4. Access Restrictions

The Club reserves the right to terminate, without notice, access to the services at any time if

  1. Payment is not made when due
  2. Regulations (or other contracts which be are bound by) change which change our permission to broadcast a given game
  3. We cannot verify that the location you are currently in matches that permitted to access the relevant service.
  4. We believe you are rebroadcasting or otherwise making the stream available to others without the permission of the club.
  5. We believe that you have given log in credentials to another individual

We may occasionally have to restrict access to the services while technical upgrades take place. Downtime will be kept to a minimum.

5. Disputes

In the first instance, any dispute should be raised with the club via the official support channels. These will have been considered to have been received at the date and time on the email, or time of delivery at the club office (if by mail).
Listed support methods – such as email addresses and phone numbers - may change.
This agreement is between yourself and the club, and no-one else has rights to enforce its terms. You will not transfer your rights (including access credentials) to anyone else.
The club may transfer its rights and obligations regarding this service to another organisation. In this event, all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure your rights under this contract are not affected.
This contract is governed under Scottish Law, and both parties agree that any legal disputes will be raised through the Courts of Scotland.
Failure (or a delay) to enforce any of these terms does not represent a waiver of such rights and action may be taken later.

6. Changes

We may make changes in these terms and conditions without notice:

  1. To alter the look of the or change site features
  2. If regulations change
  3. Necessary technical upgrades and maintenance
  4. Any other changes we believe are to the benefit of users and would not be reasonably consider to be of material detriment to users

If any of the changes in these terms and conditions are found to be invalid, only that change will be disregarded and the remaining terms and changes will remain valid.

Raith Rovers Football Club, Stark’s Park, Pratt Street, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1SA