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RaithTV Live is our matchday video and audio streaming service.

Note: In most cases, we are normally unable to offer live video streaming to viewers within the UK & Ireland due to UEFA and SPFL rules.

We offer two types of subscriptions:

  • In the UK or Ireland, our Domestic RaithTV Pass gives you live audio commentaries, full video match replays (after midnight) and access to our video lounge (a centralised hub for our video content, including exclusive features).
  • Outside the UK and Ireland, our International RaithTV Pass also includes live match video as part of your subscription.

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RRFC Season Tickets

The temporary COVID-19 exemptions, which allowed us to stream within the UK, have now come to an end - so we're no longer allowed to stream SPFL League fixtures within the UK.

RRFC Season Ticket holders will still get a free RaithTV Domestic Pass for season 2022/23, which will give you live audio commentaries of most games and access to our Video Lounge - with full video match replays available after midnight.

You will need the barcode number on the back of your season ticket card (or on your e-ticket you received by email when buying your ticket) and your postcode.

To claim your pass, please Sign In (or Register) and click the link on the passes page for Season Ticket Holders.

RaithTV Video Lounge

Our video content library is available to Domestic or International RaithTV pass holders, as well as RRFC Season Ticket holders. Log in or create a new account to view.
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